Salty Rose

Far from the east she came
A slender morning flame
A nimble birth of fire
And dew drops upon briars

So Dawn rose from the seas
Through her amber irides
Two incandescent stones
Above the oceans shone

With lithe fingers and toes
She danced in flannel clothes
Her hair she stroked and twirled
Her hair she graced with curls

Her eyes her nose her lips
Her shoulder blades and hips
Bashful and still I gazed
Amorous and amazed

In the sun in the shade in the fall
I have waited for her to appear
I have sometimes truly missed her more than home

In the storm in the hail in the fog
I have stood at the edge of the pier
I have quenched my impatience with Pacific foam

In the rain in the snow in the dark
I have felt her absence too near
I have murmured secrets through a megaphone

From here to the core of the sky
Forever seems too brief
To caress with enough depth and height
The outline of my dreams