I Can See You Spark

Brown eyes and green grass
A shiny crown of glass
Decorates your head
Under cyan skies
We both were getting high
On French wine deep and red
You’re the perpetual beginning of something grand
You are every good surprise that I had planned
A mosaic in a frame
And when the evening comes
We’ll (still) be warm and young
In a corner of the night
My heart will not grow old
Your hands will not feel cold
In the vast half-light
Laughter will erupt from my voice
No one here will confiscate my joy
The blue part in the flame
You are the point for all these lines
You are the vowel in all these rhymes
You are the comma before I state 
Everything’s great
Nothing here can be spoilt
Nothing here will be soiled
It feels like truth whispered in the dark
I can see you spark
Nothing here will go to waste
Nothing here will lose its taste
It feels like home when all your friends are there
I can see you flare